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      2. Multipurpose manned submersible

        Date:2018-5-15 16:58:13 Visit:249

        Multipurpose manned submersible

        Intelligent manned submersible

        The Dongbaolong series underwater intelligent working platform can carry personnel, various scientific instruments, and extravehicular working robots and other equipment. It is suitable for underwater geomorphology and resource exploration, underwater scientific investigation, underwater engineering construction, and underwater Scenery shooting, underwater rescue, underwater fishing, aquaculture, etc. can also be applied to inspection of water tanks and reservoirs in municipal drinking water systems; inspection of sewerage/discharge pipes and sewers; inspection of foreign oil pipelines; inspection of pipelines across rivers and rivers Hull overhaul; underwater anchors, propellers, bottom exploration; piers and wharf foundations, bridges, dams underwater part of the inspection; channel troubleshooting, port operations; drilling platform underwater structural overhaul, offshore oil engineering; underwater targets Observations, ruins, collapsed mine search and rescue, etc.; search for underwater evidence (public security, customs); sea salvage and salvage, offshore search; underwater archaeology, underwater shipwreck inspection, etc.

        The design depth of the Dongbaolong series underwater intelligent working platform is in the range of 5m to 300m. Its functional uses and working depth can be customized according to customer requirements.

        WORKING HOURS: WORKING DAYS 8:00-16:00