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      2. Dongbaolong sightseeing submarine

        Date:2018-5-15 14:39:55 Visit:228

        Dongbaolong sightseeing submarine

        Dongbaolong sightseeing submarine

        The Dongbaolong Sightseeing Submarine is a new type of full-submersible tourist submarine designed by our underwater equipment R&D team. The Dongbaolong Sightseeing Submarine can carry crew members and several tourists can freely move underwater. It can reach water depths that divers cannot reach, allowing visitors to enjoy the underwater beauty. Its manoeuvrability uses an intelligent design that is easy to drive. Its user-friendly design adopts a humanized design that allows visitors to enjoy the underwater world comfortably. The sightseeing submarine will become a new choice for people to experience the underwater world in the future.

        The dive depth of the Dongbaolong sightseeing submarine is in the range of 40m-60m, which not only meets the needs of tourism and tourism, but also ensures safety. Its size and number of occupants can be customized according to customer requirements.

        WORKING HOURS: WORKING DAYS 8:00-16:00