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      2. LEADER'S

        People-oriented, hard work, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, customer first are the essence of corporate culture of Shandong Dongbao Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and it is the embodiment of Dongbao People’s development of the brand with quality, mutual benefit and win-win future core values. With this spirit, we can continuously adjust and optimize our own industrial structure, and formulate a great strategy for going to a deep blue economy and going into the underwater equipment industry. It is in this spirit that we can continue to forge ahead and advance. , Overcoming all difficulties and constantly advancing towards strategic goals.

        The achievements of Dongbao Heavy Industry are inseparable from the trust of our customers over the years. We can not do without the care and support of government leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life for many years. It is the crystallization of all the Dongbao people's efforts and courageous efforts. The wisdom and the sweat are worthy of all Dongbao people's relief and pride, and continue to work hard for it.

        Looking ahead, opportunities and challenges coexist. We will meet challenges, seize opportunities, and continue to focus on underwater equipment R&D production. We will mainly engage in underwater equipment such as manned submersibles, sightseeing submarines, and underwater intelligent work platforms. Actively improve the company's core competitiveness, actively promote the brand strategy, develop together with our customers, and push Dongbao Heavy Industries' underwater equipment business to a broader world, making its due contribution to the revitalization of the industry, the country's prosperity, and the prosperity of the nation!





                                            Chairman: Dongwei Jia

        WORKING HOURS: WORKING DAYS 8:00-16:00