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      2. CULTURE

        The purpose of the company philosophy:

        People-oriented, hard work, scientific and technological innovation, quality first, customer first.

        Core competitiveness:

        Taking the market gap as the background, we will seize the policy opportunity for the development of the blue economic zone in Shandong Peninsula, adhere to science and technology as the basis, and bring into play the advantage of talents.

        Company Vision:

        Build China and even the world’s advanced underwater equipment R&D bases and build advanced underwater equipment manufacturing companies.

        Company mission:

        We will be the vanguard of China's industrial upgrading, accelerate industrial restructuring, and use technological innovation to drive local economic development and form an underwater equipment industry chain.

        Company's core values:

        Develop brand with quality, win the future with cooperation.

        WORKING HOURS: WORKING DAYS 8:00-16:00